Company Overview

Rajapalayam Mills Ltd. established in 1938, with 6800 Spindles imported from England. Rajapalayam Mills today produces 11 million kgs of yarn per year, employs more than 1000 workers and has a turnover of over Rs.1818 million. Acknowledged as the most efficient spinning mills in the industry. Rajapalayam Mills has set the industry standard for quality and price in cotton yarn manufactured with a production increase of about 40% purely through modernization.

Present capacity : 1,21,856 Spindles (including 56,080 compact spinning spindles, 11568 Eli-Twist spindles and 2400 Slub Yarn Spindles). We are also having 2000 Rotors in Rajapalaiyam and around 2000 Rotors in Andhra Pradesh.

A technologically advanced unit right from its inception, the Mill’s state-of-the-art equipment ensures optimum spinning efficiency and profitability. The Mill traditionally makes quality counts from 6’s to 220’s , added capacity to produce value added yarns like Compact, Elitwist, Slub, Gazzed yarn in singles and doubles. It export 80% of its spinning capacity to the highly quality-conscious markets like Japan and also to other countries like Korea, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, Dubai, Bahrain, Italy and Spain etc...

The Mill has had stable harmonious industrial relations for over 40 years.

The management has evolved a number of welfare schemes to motivate its workforce and meet the various needs of them such as cheap credit, housing loans, interest-free marriage loans, educational subsides medical aid to the public at reduced rate. It also runs many Educational Instutions to impart quality education at affordable rate to the students in and around Rajapalayam. An educational trust has been established in the name of the founder Shri P.A.C. Ramasamy Raja, which offers many social services to uplife the living standards of people in Rajapalayam.

The Mills has many ambitious plans in the unevil to increase its production thereby, providing employment opportunities to many more families